Computer Security Announcement

I have noticed a higher than usual amount of scammers out there who call people and say they are Comcast, Microsoft or Apple. The scammers then give a story about how you have a virus and what you should do (typically ending up paying for an “antivirus”). This is a scam and if you have been tricked don’t panic! Give Grizz a call or text at 360-927-2594 and we can work together to make sure that the scammers can’t get anymore information out of you. Another huge thing happening right now is ransomware. This is where a warning pops up and tells you to call a number to unlock your computer and they typically say they are the FBI. Don’t fall for this one either and give Grizz a call so I can free your computer from the virus.

**Note** These companies will never call you and alert you about a virus.

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