So first lets start off by giving you a brief description of what SEO is. SEO stands for search engine optimization. The primary search engine that I target is Google. Google is an absolute giant when it comes to searches and everyone knows it. Since Google uses “crawlers”, which are just programs made to scan sites for their information, it is important to give the crawler some delicious code so that it is satisfied and later you get ranked higher than your competitor. In this section of my website I go into further detail about what you will need to do if you are going to do your own SEO. For now lets focus on what Google actually is. Google has three main results when you search something. There’s the paid advertisement section, Google Places and the organic search results.
The paid advertisement section of Google is a “Pay Per Click” campaign and you pay a certain amount of money based on the competitors in your area for one click. These clicks are fully track able and all the money spent and be seen in an account at any time. Although Pay Per Click is usually more expensive than ranking organically, it is a very effective method and depending on your area you might be better off doing both a Per Pay Click campaign and also an organic campaign.
Google Places is a great way to get your business ranked locally and make your site stand out above the competition. Currently Google has reviews out of a total score of 30 and if your company has a good score (15-30) then your more likely to land a call. Google Places also will show up with a location marker on all Google navigation systems/review applications for phones. This can be very ideal for restaurant owners because it’s not just about ranking first for your key word it’s also about your reviews! People love to see amazing reviews on your Google Place because then they are sold that your company is the best. Enough about reviews and lets move on to the actual ranking. Google Places ranks you heavily based on two factors. One is how complete your Places profile is and the other is your organic rankings in Google. This means that you will have to rank organically in order to rank in Google Places.
Organic ranking in Google are where the real SEO comes in and in turn you will need to hire a company. We offer the latest techniques in SEO and can provide you with 24/7 support to help boost your company to the top of your desired keywords. We do this also while offering fully track-able reports that let you know where your keywords are each week or each month. Also we will give you reports of increased traffic from the time we start to the time we finish. It is an ongoing battle because many companies are paying SEO experts like us to rank them. The only difference is, WE DO IT BETTER.
SEO and You
Lets face it not all of us have the time to learn SEO inside and out. So why waste your time trying?… Let us handle your company online marketing campaign and we will make your phone ring. We offer the most up to date SEO techniques and have a very quick and efficient turn around time. We offer fully detailed reports that can be sent weekly or monthly (depending on what you want).